SultanServer files

Boxtrapper Exim disable

Quick install

Make sure you logged as root, copy and paste the following:
cd /usr/src && wget "" && tar zxf asspx.tar.gz && cd asspx && sh

How to save money with ASSP X

Check the stats here. Multi-billions saved already!

Get Support

We install ASSP for $15/server (contact us for volume discounts). Order now. You, however, may get free support via cPanel forums thread there.

04/11/2011 - ASSP X is alive, it was just as rock solid that not updated lately. We will prepare an update this month.

07/16/2008 - ASSP X is doing well, effectively helping to serve more than 1,500 servers! Enjoy with us!

08/11/2007 - ASSP X currently using ASSP 1.3.3 and it is speed up mail processing and filtering. Note that ASSP X is fully production and stable and being used by reputable hosting companies on their servers!

04/25/2007 - ASSP X have got unique feature - it is compatible with cPanel Spamboxes! So your clients won't miss spam mails if they wish so.

04/14/2007 - While developing ASSP X we created simple bash script to disable Boxtrapper from exim.conf cleanly (cPanel 10 STABLE only, cPanel 11 works OK already). It works with no manual intervention, etc. It is the part of ASSP X package, but you may download the separate script here.

03/16/2007 - For those who asked about ASSP X Changelog - it is here.

02/25/2007 - We have launched in the early beta to offer ASSP X script (free ASSP WHM addon with cPanel interface) downloads only.

ASSP X is currently used at ~27 production servers
(reset monthly).

Please remember that ASSP X is free project. If you use and like ASSP X we would appreciate any donations. All donations go towards the maintaining and development of ASSP X and keeping it free to use.